That time Jay Park almost reached for Yongguk's balls his mic


I should be studying for finals. I was about to gif some Untouchable and guess who I found in one of their MVs (again…)? Bang Yongguk in Untouchable’s ‘Make a Fuss.’ Here are some clues:

  1. His face. Its a lot easier to spot it since he’s in the front and standing with Untouchable.
  2. He danced for a couple of their live performances. He’s in this live performance. Click here to watch.
  3. Here are a couple selcas of him with some of the dancers and Untouchable. Click here.

 Bang Yongguk was also spotted in Jiggy Fellaz’s ‘Jiggy Get Down' MV.


Clingy Himchan
Yongguk always seems the happiest with kids ;;


D-3 of yongguk's birthday count.

"Rather than for myself, I put an effort for B.A.P. Especially for concerts, I think a lot about how we can show our good points better. What I have the most confidence in is my unwavering awareness of our goal. Our appearance and voices might change with time, but I think my goal of “going forward with the members and BABYs” won’t change". -  Bang yongguk

“We were all dumbfounded to receive an award that we didn’t even think about. After our name was called, we were so happy that we couldn’t even say anything, and only smiled.” - Bang Yongguk

“Music is not only to enjoy, I think that there is a lot to learn from it too. That’s why we have meaningful lyrics. I want to make them so that they are still valuable even as time passes.” - Bang Yongguk

 Compilations of Wise quotes from bang leader, he is turning 24 in 3 days.